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APEX Phuket Profound Beauty

APEX Phuket Profound Beauty is a world class aesthetic centre for skin & body by American board certified dermatologist Dr. Nanthapat.

The Skin

A variety of methods has been developed to keep skin healthy. Apex provides you with a team that has expertise and experience.
Individual Beauty Advisor

Because each person's skin requires different care, our team of experts will analyze your skin to find the most effective treatment for your skin.

Advanced Technology

We select the best equipment’s and technology available which has been proven to have the highest effectiveness and safety standards. It is not surprising that Apex Profound Beauty has been recognized internationally as one of the most advanced skin care in Southeast Asia.

Quality of Service

Not only do you get quality service our staff receiving monthly training on new technologies and equipments. We also focus on creating an atmosphere where you can relax and get good care.

Available Treatments are:

  • Face Lift with Thermage (Radio Frequency Lifting).
  • BOTOX ®, Collagen, Hyaluronic.
  • Solve the problem of wrinkles and dark spots with Mesotherapy (Rejuvenation).
  • Strengthen collagen and elastin as well. Photomodulation (LED).
  • Gentle Skin with Microdermabrasion.
  • Stimulated cells. New Laser Collagen CoolTouch.
  • Lifting the face with a silk Aptos (Thread Lifting).
  • The fuzzy spots. Stimulate collagen with Photofacial (Quantum, Ellipse, IPL).
  • Revitalize the skin. Skin by Computerized Skin Rejuvenation (Futur Tec, Ionto).
  • Get rid of cellulite as well. (Mesocellulite, Carboxytherapy, RelaxF, LipoStabil).
  • Slimming with Endermology, Muscle Toning, Body Wrapping.
  • Permanent hair removal (Light Sheer, MedioStar, YAG1064).
  • With the removal of varicose veins Vascular Laser (Varia).
  • Abnormal skin color changes. And laser tattoo removal
  • Facial massage, body massage, aromatic content in PP.

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Australia: (02) 800-500-56
Thailand: +66 (2) 65 33 880
FAX: +66 (2) 65 33 881


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